Managing Decision Builder Settings

About Decision Builder Settings

Settings provide a way for you to customize the user interface. Settings for each user are stored in metadata and are retained if your deployment is migrated or reconfigured.
You can manage settings in two ways:
by using the Settings window
To open the Settings window, click Application options and select Settings. The Settings window appears and expands the Global category. See Decision Builder Global Settings for additional information.
by using SAS Preferences Manager
SAS Preferences Manager is a web application that provides a central facility for users to manage their preferences and settings. See SAS Preferences Manager for more information.

Decision Builder Global Settings

Global settings also apply to some SAS web applications that are displayed with Adobe Flash Player. When you set a global preference, it applies only to the user that you are logged on as. The global settings are divided into three categories: General, Side Menu, and Accessibility.


User locale
specifies the geographic region whose language and conventions are used in the applications. The default is the browser locale. Locale changes take effect after you log off and log back on.
Note: You can also set the User locale setting by using SAS Preferences Manager. Select the Regional menu option in SAS Preferences Manager. For more information, see SAS Preferences Manager and SAS Preferences Manager in SAS Intelligence Platform: Middle-Tier Administration Guide.
Note: If the user locale that you specify in the settings is different from the user locale for the SAS Workspace Server, you might receive an error when you try to sign in to the application. You might also receive encoding errors when executing tasks. If you receive an error, change the updated locale back to the original locale.
specifies the collection of colors, graphics, and fonts that appear in the applications. Your site administrator can change the default theme. A theme change might take a few seconds to apply if many items and features are open.

Side Menu

The Side Menu settings control what is displayed when you click Side menu in the application banner. The applications that appear in the side menu depend on the applications that are licensed at your site and on your permissions.
To change whether an application is included in the side menu, click the toggle for that application. Use the arrows to change the order of the applications.
See Switching between Applications for more information.


Enable sounds
enables notification sounds for user interface events. Notification sounds are designed for use with a screen reader.
Rearrange column content when space is limited
Note: This setting is for future use and is currently ignored.
Invert application colors
inverts all of the colors in the application window, including both text and graphical elements. You can also temporarily invert or revert the colors for an individual application session by pressing Ctrl+~.
Customize the focus indicator settings
controls the appearance of the highlighting that surrounds the currently selected field in the application interface.
Last updated: February 22, 2017