Adding Tables Using SAS Visual Data Builder

SAS Visual Data Builder enables analysts and data administrators to perform data preparation for analytics. You can design queries to perform joins, add calculated columns, and subset and sort data. Several productivity features speed the creation of columns based on common aggregation functions.
Once you design your queries, you can reuse them as subqueries for more sophisticated queries, export them as jobs for scheduling, or schedule them directly from the user interface.
The application has data import features that enable you to access data from spreadsheets, delimited files, and SAS data sets. Once you import the data, you can prepare it for analysis or join it with existing data.
The application provides a series of features that you can use to extract and transform data from multiple sources and create new data tables.
To access SAS Visual Data Builder, select Datathen selectTables. Click Prepare data in SAS Visual Data Builder to start SAS Visual Data Builder. For more information about SAS Visual Data Builder, click the help button to access SAS Visual Analytics: User's Guide and videos about using SAS Visual Data Builder.