Register and Add New Tables

You can create new Base SAS libraries and register tables by using SAS Decision Manager. You can register only tables that were created with the BASE engine. To register new tables in the SAS Metadata Repository and add them to the list of data sources:
  1. Select Datathen selectTables.
  2. Click the add icon and select Register Tables. The Register Tables window appears.
    Note: You cannot use the Register Tables option to add a table that is already registered. You must select Add Registered Table instead. See Add a Table That Is Registered in Metadata.
  3. Select an existing library, or create a new Base SAS library.
    To use an existing library:
    1. Select Use an existing library.
    2. Click the folder icon and select the library.
    3. Click Next.
    To create a new Base SAS library:
    1. Select Create a new library.
    2. Specify a name for the new library. The name cannot exceed 60 characters.
    3. (Optional) Specify a description for the library.
    4. Specify a libref. A libref is a name that SAS uses to refer to the library. Enter a unique name of eight characters or less.
    5. Specify the location for the new library. This location is the folder in the SAS Metadata Repository where the library is stored.
    6. Select the server and the directory where the data tables reside.
    7. Click Next.
      Note: If you click Cancel at this point, a folder for the library is created in the SAS Metadata Repository, but the folder does not appear in the list of data tables.
  4. Select the tables that you want to add to the library, and click Add to add the tables to the Selected tables list. Click Add All to add all of the tables to the Selected tables list.
  5. Click Finish.