Display Usage Information for a Rule Set

To display usage information for a rule set, select the Usage page. Click List to display the terms and lookup tables that are referenced in the rule set and rule flows that use the rule set. Click Diagram to display a diagram showing the rules, rule set, and any rule flows that use the rule set.
Note: The diagram displays information from only the current version of a rule flow. If a published version of a rule flow uses a rule set but the current version of the same rule flow does not, then the rule flow does not appear in the diagram.
If the diagram is too large to fit in the window, you can use the Overview window in the upper left to view different parts of the rule set. Click in the Overview window, and drag the viewport (the white box) to the portion of the rule set that you want to view. You can click on the link anchors in the diagram to expand and collapse parts of the diagram.
Usage page showing the diagram for the Set_Risk_Category rule set
If the diagram is not large enough to need the Overview window, you can minimize the window by clicking minimize overview. If the overview diagram does not match the boundaries of the viewport, you can zoom the diagram to fit the viewport by clicking zoom to fit. However, clicking zoom to fit also resizes the main the diagram.