Managing Versions of a Rule Flow

About Rule Flow Versions

When you publish the current version of a rule flow, that version is locked and assigned a version number. A new current version is created. You cannot unlock a rule flow.
Before you can publish a rule flow, all of the rule set versions that are referenced in the rule flow must be locked. Also, a rule flow cannot be published if Use latest is specified for any of the rule set versions.

Set the Displayed Version

On the Versions page, displayed version indicates the displayed version. The displayed version is the rule flow whose information is displayed on the other pages, such as the Properties and Rule Sets pages. To change the displayed version, select the version that you want to view, and click set displayed version.

Edit a Version Description

To edit a version description:
  1. Select the Versions page.
  2. Select the version of the rule that you want to lock.
  3. Click Edit Version Properties. The Edit Version window appears.
  4. Edit the version description.
  5. Click OK.