Create a New Table Summary

To create a new table summary:
  1. Select Datathen selectTables.
  2. Double-click on the table for which you want to add a summary.
  3. Select the Summary page.
  4. Click add.
  5. In the New Summary window, select the Collection period and the specific date or time values for the collection period that is represented by the data in the table.
    Note: The Collection period is not used to filter the data.
  6. (Optional) Specify a summary description.
  7. Click Run. SAS Decision Manager runs a process to summarize the data and adds the new summary to the Summary page.
Double-click on the summary to open it.
The following display shows the Summary page for the Claim_History table. The collection period represented by the data in the table is 05/29/14.
Summary page showing the interval tab for the Claim_History table