Deploy a Rule Flow as a Stored Process

A stored process is a SAS program that is stored on a server and defined in metadata, and which can be executed as requested by client applications. When you deploy a rule flow as a stored process, the rule flow is made available as a stored process on the SAS Stored Process Server.
Before you can deploy a rule flow, all of the rule set versions that are referenced in the rule flow must be locked. Also, a rule flow cannot be deployed if Use latest is specified for any of the rule set versions.
Note: Only simple rule flows can be deployed as stored processes.
To deploy a rule flow as a stored process:
  1. Open the rule flow.
  2. If the rule flow contains changes that have not been saved, click the save button. You cannot deploy a rule flow if it contains changes that have not been saved.
  3. Click Publish. The Choose a Location window appears.
  4. Select the location where you want to deploy the rule flow.
    This window lists all of the objects that are defined in the SAS metadata folders. To limit the list to only folders, select the Show folders only check box.
    Note: To create a new subfolder in the Choose a Location window, click new folder.
  5. Click OK.
For more information about stored processes, see SAS Stored Processes: Developer's Guide.