Benefits of MP CONNECT

MP CONNECT can greatly reduce the total elapsed time that is required to execute your SAS applications that contain tasks that can be executed in parallel. MP CONNECT provides a syntactic interface to distribute multiple units of work across idle CPUs either on the same SMP computer or across multiple computers on your network.
MP CONNECT uses hardware resources that you might have thought were outdated and useless. Using MP CONNECT, you can put multiple, slow, inexpensive computers to work in parallel on a job, transforming them into a powerful and inexpensive computing resource.
Large jobs that previously never finished executing can be implemented via MP CONNECT to repeatedly distribute small pieces of a problem to multiple processors until the entire problem is solved.
MP CONNECT enables you to use SAS in cluster and grid environments for high performance computing.
Piping enables you to overlap the execution of one or more SAS DATA steps and procedures in order to accelerate processing. Piping has the added benefit of eliminating the need to write intermediate SAS data sets to disk, which not only saves time but reduces the physical disk space requirements for your SAS processing.