Using SAS Explorer to Monitor SAS/CONNECT Tasks

SAS Explorer provides a menu selection that enables you to monitor SAS/CONNECT tasks that are executing in one or more server sessions. A server session can execute across a network, or it can execute on a computer that is equipped with SMP hardware, which facilitates multi-processing.
To start the SAS/CONNECT Monitor, from the menu, select: Viewthen selectSAS/CONNECT Monitor.
The SAS/CONNECT Monitor displays information about the tasks in two columns: Name and Status.
Name               Status

Task1              Complete
Task2              Running Asynchronously
Task3              Running Synchronously
The list of tasks is dynamically updated as new tasks start, and the Status field changes from Running to Complete, as appropriate. When you use the SIGNOFF statement to end a connection, the task is automatically removed from the window.
Note: If you do not see both columns, select Viewthen selectDetails.
You can also end a task that is running asynchronously by clicking the task in the Monitor and selecting the Kill option from the menu that displays when you right-click the mouse button. Similarly, you can select the RDisplay option from the menu to display a Log and Output window for a task that is running asynchronously.