Displays a prompt to the user that requests a response for the server.



Syntax Description

is an optional parameter that is used to indicate that the input will not be displayed on the screen. This parameter is commonly used when a user is prompted to provide a password so that the password is not displayed as it is entered.
is a character string and must be enclosed in quotation marks.


The INPUT statement specifies a character string that is displayed to the user when the script executes. The specified string should be a prompt that requests a response from the user, who must respond by pressing ENTER or RETURN (as a minimum response), before script execution can continue. For example, in automatic sign-on scripts, the INPUT statement is used to prompt the user for the user ID and the password that are needed for signing on to the server.
The INPUT statement does not automatically transmit a carriage return or an ENTER key. Therefore, when writing a script, if you want to transmit a carriage return or ENTER key to the server, you must use a TYPE statement after an INPUT statement.