SIGNONWAIT System Option

Specifies whether a SAS/CONNECT sign-on should be executed asynchronously or synchronously.
Client: optional
Server: optional
Valid in: Configuration file, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window, SAS invocation
Category: Communications: Networking and Encryption
PROC OPTIONS GROUP= Communications



Syntax Description

specifies that a SAS/CONNECT SIGNON statement will execute synchronously. Synchronous processing means that a sign-on to a server session must complete before control is returned to the client session.
specifies that a SAS/CONNECT SIGNON statement will execute asynchronously. Asynchronous processing permits sign-ons to multiple server sessions to execute in parallel. Control is returned to the client session immediately after a sign-on when NOSIGNONWAIT is specified.


You can use NOSIGNONWAIT to start multiple server sessions in parallel. Parallelism reduces the total amount of time that would be used to start individual connections to server sessions. This time savings allows the client session to do other processing, such as submitting units of work remotely to a server session, as soon as sign-on is complete.
If NOSIGNONWAIT is specified, you might also want to specify the CMACVAR= option in the SIGNON statement. Setting CMACVAR= enables you to learn the status of the current asynchronous SIGNON (whether it has completed or is still in progress).
In addition to being a system option, SIGNONWAIT can be set as an option in the RSUBMIT and SIGNON statements. The option in the RSUBMIT or SIGNON statement or command takes precedence over the system option.