What's New in SAS Web Report Studio 4.31


New and enhanced features in SAS Web Report Studio 4.31 include the following:
  • enhanced graph features
  • new report capabilities
  • enhanced productivity for users
  • improved report administration
  • enhanced printing capabilities
The second maintenance release of SAS Web Report Studio 4.31 contains the following changes and enhancements:
  • improved tables
  • new report features
  • enhanced ability to send reports using e-mail
  • improved exporting

Enhanced Graph Features

The following enhancements were made to graphs:
  • A bubble plot has been added. This new graph type is a variation of a scatter plot in which the markers are replaced with bubbles.
  • Skins are available for graphs, so that you can change the appearance.
  • You can control the size of the “other” slice in a pie chart.
  • You can drag and drop a second measure for a bar-line chart or a scatter plot.

New Report Capabilities

The following new capabilities are available for reports:
  • For prompts, a default value is no longer required.
  • Measure filters and rankings are now allowed on some synchronized objects.
  • You can add row numbers to list tables using the Properties dialog box.
  • Count distinct, which is a function that returns the number of distinct values for a specified column, is available in crosstabulation tables.
  • The layout for the report header and footer has improved.

Enhanced Productivity for Users

The following productivity enhancements are available:
  • You can copy report sections.
  • Authorized users can open cubes and tables directly.
  • You can now insert rows and columns between existing rows and columns in the layout grid using the vertical toolbar.
  • Information map data item name changes are propagated automatically.
  • The state of the left pane (either hidden or displayed) is saved between sessions.
  • A new find option is available for multidimensional crosstabulation tables.
  • You can now select multiple publication channels when you schedule a report.

Improved Report Administration

The following improvements have been made to report administration:
  • Multiple schedules for a single report can be made by multiple users.
  • Authorized users can update reports where referenced data items have been removed from an information map.
  • You can pass hidden data items to a destination report for relational data.
  • You can link a report to another SAS application that is passing parameters.

Enhanced Printing Capabilities

The following enhancements were made for printing:
  • You can now specify that you want to print to the A3 paper size.
  • Comments can be appended to printed report content.

Improved Tables

The second maintenance release of SAS Web Report Studio 4.31 contains the following table improvements:
  • You can conditionally highlight rows and columns based on a category value or member.
  • You can control the number of decimal places for the percent of totals.
  • All members at the same level are aligned, whether or not there are child members.

New Report Features

The second maintenance release of SAS Web Report Studio 4.31 contains the following report features:
  • In a report header or footer, you can associate a URL with an image. You can also display prompt values in a header or a footer.
  • You can customize colors anywhere that you can change a color.
  • You can display numbers and dates that are based on your browser’s regional settings.
  • In graphs, you can have dual Y-axes with three or more measures.
  • While viewing a report, you can switch hierarchies in the dimensions.
  • You can use your current browser session to link to a non-report URL. Previously, you could only launch content in a new browser session.
  • A new system option lets the Save dialog box switch to the Save As dialog box when you do not have Write Metadata permissions for the current report or folder.
  • SAS Web Report Studio administrators can now create a company preferred folder as a default location for saving reports. This means that you will have Company preferred folder and My folder options, as well as other locations, when you save a report.

Enhanced Ability to Send Reports Using E-mail

The second maintenance release of SAS Web Report Studio 4.31 has enhanced your ability to e-mail reports:
  • Group break values are distributed in the subject line of the e-mail message.
  • You can save results and navigation automatically.
  • A new system option lets you include standard text when you send the e-mail message.
  • You can create a report definition snapshot, which is a customized report that is created from an original SAS Web Report Studio report and then e-mailed to a recipient. Group break information is included in a report definition snapshot.

Improved Exporting

The second maintenance release of SAS Web Report Studio 4.31 contains improvements to exporting:
  • You can export data from individual report objects to the native XLSX output format for Microsoft Excel.
  • The report name and the applied filter information are visible in exported report output.