What's New in SAS Web Report Studio 4.3


New and enhanced features in SAS Web Report Studio include the following:
  • enhanced graph features
  • new report capabilities
  • enhanced productivity for users
  • improved report administration
  • enhanced printing capabilities

Enhanced Graph Features

The following enhancements were made to graphs:
  • A bubble plot has been added. This new graph type is a variation of a scatter plot in which the markers are replaced with bubbles.
  • Skins are available for graphs, so that you can change the appearance.
  • You can control the size of the “other” slice in a pie chart.
  • You can drag and drop a second measure for a bar-line chart or a scatter plot.

New Report Capabilities

The following new capabilities are available for reports:
  • For prompts, a default value is no longer required.
  • Measure filters and rankings are now allowed on some synchronized objects.
  • You can add row numbers to list tables using the Properties dialog box.
  • Count distinct, which is a function that returns the number of distinct values for a specified column, is available in crosstabulation tables.
  • The layout for the report header and footer has improved.

Enhanced Productivity for Users

The following productivity enhancements are available:
  • You can copy report sections.
  • Authorized users can open cubes and tables directly.
  • You can now insert rows and columns between existing rows and columns in the layout grid using the vertical toolbar.
  • Information map data item name changes are propagated automatically.
  • The state of the left pane (either hidden or displayed) is saved between sessions.
  • A new find option is available for multidimensional crosstabulation tables.
  • You can now select multiple publication channels when you schedule a report.

Improved Report Administration

The following improvements have been made to report administration:
  • Multiple schedules for a single report can be made by multiple users.
  • Authorized users can update reports where referenced data items have been removed from an information map.
  • You can pass hidden data items to a destination report for relational data.
  • You can link a report to another SAS application that is passing parameters.

Enhanced Printing Capabilities

The following enhancements were made for printing:
  • You can now specify that you want to print to the A3 paper size.
  • Comments can be appended to printed report content.