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Authentication Mechanisms

Trusted User Connections

Trusted User
Summary The metadata server allows a privileged account to act on behalf of other users (trusting that those users have already been properly authenticated).
Scope To the metadata server from the object spawner, the OLAP server, the table server, SAS Web applications (if Web authentication is used), and batch report processes.
Benefits Supports the optional Web authentication configuration. Enables the OLAP server and the object spawner to impersonate each requesting user on connections to the metadata server. Enables batch reporting processes to connect to the metadata server under their identities.
Limits It is important to protect this privileged account.
Use Required

In a standard configuration, the file trustedUsers.txt (which is located in your equivalent of SAS/Config/Lev1/SASMeta/MetadataServer/) lists one account (sastrust@saspw) that serves as the trusted user for the entire deployment.

Note:   The trusted user is a privileged service identity that acts on behalf of other users. Do not add regular users to this file.   [cautionend]

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