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Understanding the State of Your System

Overview of Configuration Files

About the SAS Metadata Server Configuration File (omaconfig.xml)

On the machine that hosts the SAS Metadata Server, the SASMeta\MetadataServer directory contains a file called omaconfig.xml. This file contains SAS Metadata Server settings such as the following:

For details about the omaconfig.xml file, see Reference Information for omaconfig.xml.

About Other SAS Server Configuration Files

Server-tier machines contain configuration files for each SAS server. These files specify the SAS system options that are in effect when the server is launched. The following configuration files are present in each server's configuration directory:


is the primary configuration file for a server. You should not edit this configuration file.


enables user modifications to a server configuration. If you need to modify an option or add a new option for a specific server, then edit this file.


specifies the logging configuration for the server. For details, see Administering Logging for SAS Servers.

The files sasv9.cfg and sasv9_usermods.cfg are also present in the configuration directory for the SAS Application Server (for example, the SASApp directory) and in the SAS-home directory where SAS Foundation installed. Configuration files are set up to inherit options from one another.

For details about the server configuration files, see Reference: Configuration Files for SAS Servers.

About the Security-Related Configuration Files

On the machine that hosts the SAS Metadata Server, three configuration files that affect security are located in the SASMeta\MetadataServer directory:

Note:   Be sure to limit access to these files to only those users who require access in order to perform their job functions.  [cautionend]


defines your system's initial unrestricted user. The SAS Deployment Wizard creates this user, which is usually called the SAS Administrator. In the file, the unrestricted user name is preceded by an asterisk. For information about unrestricted users, see About User Roles for System Administration.

Note:   If you migrated your system from SAS 9.1.3, then you might have additional users in this file. In SAS 9.2, role memberships are the preferred method for assigning unrestricted user status.  [cautionend]


conveys privileged status to a service account to enable that account to act on behalf of other users. For more information, see About the Initial User Accounts.


can be used to limit the scope of trust for connections from SAS sessions to the metadata server. Initially, the scope is not limited. For details, see the "Trusted Peer" topic in the "Authentication Mechanisms" chapter of the SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.

About Configuration Files for Client Applications

Configuration files for client applications are described in the following documents:

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