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Using SAS 9.2 ARM Interface with Existing ARM Applications

Requirement for ARM Appender

When using ARM, a certain order must be followed when setting up the ARM appender:

  1. the ARM appender must be enabled at the INFO diagnostic level before specifying the ARMAGENT= option

  2. the ARMAGENT= option must be specified before the ARMSUBSYS= option

These options can be specified using the SAS command line or OPTIONS statement. Here is an example using a SAS command line:
 -CONFIG "<SAS92_installation_path\nls\en\SASV9.CFG>" 
-logconfigloc logconfig.xml  -armagent log4sas  -armsubsys=(arm_proc)  

Here is an example using the OPTIONS statement:

%log4sas_logger(Perf.ARM, 'level=info'); 
options armagent=log4sas; 
options armsubsys=(arm_proc); 

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