Maximizing Oracle Performance

There are several measures that you can take to optimize performance when using SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle. For general information about improving performance when using SAS/ACCESS engines, see Performance Considerations.
SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle has several options that you can use to further improve performance.
  • For tips on multi-row processing, see these LIBNAME options: INSERTBUFF, UPDATEBUFF, and READBUFF.
  • For instructions on using the Oracle SQL*Loader to increase performance when loading rows of data into Oracle tables, see Passing Functions to the DBMS Using PROC SQL.
If you choose the transactional inserting of rows (specify BULKLOAD=NO), you can improve performance by inserting multiple rows at a time. This performance enhancement is comparable to using the Oracle SQL*Loader Conventional Path Load. For more information about inserting multiple rows, see the INSERTBUFF= option.