Passing Joins to OLE DB

For a multiple libref join to pass to OLE DB, all of these components of the LIBNAME statements must match exactly:
  • user ID (USER=)
  • password (PASSWORD=)
  • data source (DATASOURCE=)
  • provider (PROVIDER=)
  • qualifier (QUALIFIER=, if specified)
  • provider string (PROVIDER_STRING, if specified)
  • path and filename (UDL_FILE=, if specified)
  • initialization string (INIT_STRING=, if specified)
  • read isolation level (READ_ISOLATION_LEVEL=, if specified)
  • update isolation level (UPDATE_ISOLATION_LEVEL=, if specified)
  • all properties (PROPERTIES=)
  • prompt (PROMPT=, must not be specified)
For more information about when and how SAS/ACCESS passes joins to the DBMS, see Passing Joins to the DBMS.