IN= Data Set Option

Lets you specify the database or table space in which you want to create a new table.
Valid in: DATA and PROC steps (when accessing DBMS data using SAS/ACCESS software)
Default: LIBNAME setting
Data source: DB2 under UNIX and PC Hosts, DB2 under z/OS
See: IN= LIBNAME option


IN='database-name.tablespace-name'|'DATABASE database-name'

Syntax Description

specifies the names of the database and table space, which are separated by a period.
DATABASE database-name
specifies only the database name. In this case, you specify the word DATABASE, a space, and the database name. Enclose the entire specification in single quotation marks.


The IN= option is relevant only when you are creating a new table. If you omit this option, the default is to create the table in the default database or table space.