Specifies the number of minutes that FASTEXPORT=, FastLoad, or MultiLoad waits before trying again to log on to Teradata.
Valid in: SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME statement
Default: 6
Data source: Teradata
Tip: The data set option has precedence over the LIBNAME option.
See: DBSLICEPARM= LIBNAME option, DBSLICEPARM= data set option, DBSLICEPARM= system option, FASTEXPORT= LIBNAME option, Maximizing Teradata Load Performance, MULTILOAD= data set option, SLEEP= data set option, TENACITY= LIBNAME option, TENACITY= data set option, Using the TPT API



Syntax Description

the number of minutes to wait before trying again to log on to Teradata.


Use this option to indicate to FASTEXPORT=, FastLoad, or MultiLoad how long to wait before it retries logging on to Teradata when the maximum number of utilities are already running. (The maximum number of Teradata utilities that can run concurrently varies from 5 to 15, depending on the database server setting.) The default value for SLEEP= is 6 minutes. The value that you specify for SLEEP= must be greater than 0.
Use SLEEP= with TENACITY=. TENACITY= specifies the time in hours that FASTEXPORT=, FastLoad, or MultiLoad must continue to try the logon operation. SLEEP= and TENACITY= function very much like the SLEEP and TENACITY run-time options of the native Teradata FastExport, FastLoad, or MultiLoad utility.