Bulk Loading for ODBC

The BULKLOAD= LIBNAME option calls the Bulk Copy (BCP) facility, which lets you efficiently insert rows of data into a DBMS table as a unit. BCP= is an alias for this option.
Note: The Bulk Copy facility is available only when you are accessing Microsoft SQL Server data on Windows platforms. To use this facility, your installation of Microsoft SQL Server must include the ODBCBCP.DLL file. BULKCOPY= is not available on UNIX.
As the ODBC interface sends rows of data to the Bulk Copy facility, data is written to an input buffer. When you send all rows or when the buffer reaches a certain size (DBCOMMIT= determines this), all rows are inserted as a unit into the table and the data is committed to the table. You can set the DBCOMMIT= option to commit rows after a specified number of rows are inserted.
If an error occurs, a message is written to the SAS log, and any rows that were inserted before the error are rolled back.