Allows connection to a server by specifying the name of an authentication domain metadata object.
Valid in: SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME statement
Default: none
Requirement: For data sources with the SERVER= option, if you specify AUTHDOMAIN=, you must also specify SERVER=. However, the authentication domain references credentials, so you need not explicitly specify USER= and PASSWORD=. An example is authdomain=MyServerAuth.
Data source: Aster nCluster, DB2 under UNIX and PC Hosts, DB2 under z/OS, Greenplum, Hadoop, HP Neoview, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Netezza, ODBC, OLE DB, Oracle, Sybase, Sybase IQ, Teradata



Syntax Description

name of an authentication domain metadata object.


An administrator creates authentication domain definitions while creating a user definition with the User Manager in SAS Management Console. The authentication domain is associated with one or more login metadata objects, which provide access to the server. The authentication domain is resolved when the DBMS engine calls the SAS Metadata Server and returns the authentication credentials.
The authentication domain and the associated login definition must be stored in a metadata repository and the metadata server must be running to resolve the metadata object specification.
For complete information about creating and using authentication domains, see the credential management topic in SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.