Allows further qualification of exactly where a table resides.
Valid in: SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME statement
Alias: LOC=
Default: none
Requirement: If you specify LOCATION=, you must also specify the AUTHID= LIBNAME option.
Data source: DB2 under z/OS
See: AUTHID= LIBNAME option, LOCATION= data set option, REMOTE_DBTYPE= LIBNAME option [to access a database server on Linux, UNIX, or Windows]




The location name maps to the location in the SYSIBM.LOCATION catalog in the communication database.
In SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2 under z/OS, the location is converted to the first level of a three-level table name: location.authid.table. The DB2 Distributed Data Facility (DDF) makes the connection implicitly to the remote DB2 subsystem when DB2 receives a three-level name in an SQL statement.
If you omit this option, SAS accesses the data from the local DB2 database unless you have specified a value for the SERVER= option. This option is not validated until you access a DB2 table.