Deep Learning for Computer Vision with SAS®: An Introduction

Deep Learning for Computer Vision with SAS®, by Robert Blanchard explores and details the revolutionary way SAS can be used for image processing. Based on the assumed level of knowledge needed, this book is intended for intermediate and advanced users of deep learning who are curious about using computer vision. The book covers some introductory concepts like Neural Networks, Input Layers, and Deep Learning, but very quickly gets into the more complex topics around computer vision, including Image Pre-processing and Data Enrichment; Domains and Subdomains; and Multi-loss Error Function. Blanchard provides explicit detail and numerous code samples working through the different aspects of computer vision, allowing the reader to expand and explore the topic in greater detail. This book is a fantastic journey through the relatively new field of computer vision and is highly recommended to anyone interested in learning about this topic.

Chris Battiston
Research Data Analyst
Women’s College Hospital

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