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SASware Ballot: Your Input Makes a Difference

Vote, Comment and Submit Ideas Online

sas idea conceptSAS is now giving customers a more direct way to submit ideas and suggestions for new features to be included in future software releases.

Now, you can enter ideas directly in the online Support Communities—much in the same way you ask questions or participate in online discussions. Just look for the lightbulb icon and the "Create an idea" link in the action box of any community.

Every idea is viewed by a SAS Technical Support consultant. Other SAS experts within the company may even choose to comment or ask more questions to better understand your proposal as it relates to the product or solution. In addition, ideas can be viewed by your peers, who can comment or vote the idea up or down to affect the overall score.

For example, in the SAS Procedures community, logged-in participants have the ability to create, view and vote on ideas. At the time they enter the idea, the item is immediately available for both comments and voting.

SAS still has the collaborative SASware Ballot Community where customers can vote and comment on ideas. This landing site also contains more information about the ballot including additional how-to documentation and FAQs. If you have an idea that does not correspond to the current list of online support commuity topics, simply go to the SASware Ballot Community, submit an idea and "tag" it with an appropriate word or phrase.

What would you like to see in SAS software and services? Let us know... SAS is listening.

Read more in How to Create Ideas in SAS Support Communities.

A Few Examples of SASware Ballot Ideas in Action

Provide the ability to create data labels centered inside stacked bar charts
This idea demonstrates the collaborative nature of the new SASware Ballot.
Can we get a SAS Visual Analytics group?
All ideas don't have to be about products. In this example, a user asked for a SAS Visual Analytics community.
Add BATCH SUBMIT button to EG
This user-contributed idea has a good amount of participation and votes.

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Note: If you are not already logged in to the SAS Customer Support Center or are a new user, then you will be prompted to either log in or create a profile before you can vote.

SAS values your opinions and ideas and we look forward to receiving your SASware Ballot ideas, votes and comments!