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On-Site Training Policies & Guidelines - at a SAS training center

Please read and follow the following guidelines below to ensure an optimal service experience.


A course description is provided to you for distribution to potential attendees. We strongly recommend that only those who have the appropriate prerequisite skills participate in the course.

Three weeks before scheduled training, you will be contacted to see if more than 15 students will be attending. An additional fee of $200 per student per day for more than 15 students will be charged. Training will be limited to the number of seats available in a particular facility, with a maximum of 20 students unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. (Exceptions: Some courses are limited to 15 students. Check with your Education Account Representative for details.)

Course materials

We will provide one copy of course materials for each attendee. Please note that all training materials are copyrighted and duplication is not permitted.

Course hours

Standard course hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, with 15-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon and one hour for lunch. If this does not fit your normal work schedule, please notify your Education Account Representative to make any necessary changes.

Class roster requirements

A class roster is required for security purposes one week prior to the class start date. Students must verify attendance each day for invoicing, student certificates and badging purposes. Thank-you emails will provide information regarding access to a digital certificate of completion. For all standard classes, an email from Acclaim will provide access to digital badging.

Purchase orders

Payment by purchase orders will be accepted as an administrative convenience. Terms and conditions not agreed to in writing and signed on behalf of SAS do not apply.


We must receive any nondisclosure documents six weeks prior to any service. No training provider has the authority to sign a nondisclosure agreement on SAS' behalf upon arrival for training.


Travel expenses for SAS staff are additional. Expenses include round-trip coach airfare, rental car including gas or local transportation, hotel and per diem meal expenses. There are no rental fees for SAS Regional Training Centers. Third-Party facilities have daily rental rates. Contact your Education Account Representative for details.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel on-site courses without charge if notification is received by SAS by phone, mail, or email no later than 21 days prior to the course start date. To cancel, you need to contact your Education Account Representative. We will work on a best-effort basis to schedule alternative dates. Rescheduling courses less than 21 days prior to course start date is considered a cancellation, and a cancellation fee of 50% of the total fee for the scheduled training will be charged and invoiced separately. Rescheduling courses less than 10 days prior to the course start date is considered a cancellation, and a cancellation fee of 100% of the total fee for the scheduled training will be charged and invoiced separately. In addition, if non-refundable airline tickets have been purchased for SAS personnel at your request, your organization will be responsible for the cost of these tickets.

Recording devices

With the exception of accommodations made for students with disabilities/special accommodations, SAS strictly prohibits the use of audio or video recording devices during training sessions.

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Third-Party Training Facilities
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