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Advanced Output Delivery System Topics

This course teaches you how to modify the structure of Output Delivery System (ODS) reports as well as presentation aspects such as colors, fonts, borders, and margins. The course is for advanced report programmers who are able to create reports using SAS procedures and the DATA step but need to enhance the reports with advanced ODS features.

Learn how to

  • modify existing table and style templates
  • create your own table and style templates
  • create and modify ODS documents
  • incorporate ODS options
  • format within a cell.

Who should attend
SAS programmers, report writers, and analysts

Formats available


Classroom: 2.0 days
Live Web Classroom: 4 half-day sessions System Requirements View demo

Before attending this course, you should be able to

  • submit SAS programs on your operating system
  • access SAS files using the LIBNAME statement
  • create SAS output from Base SAS procedures
  • create default RTF, PDF, or HTML output using ODS.

You can obtain this knowledge by completing the SAS Report Writing 1: Essentials course.

This course addresses Base SAS software. This course is appropriate for students who are using SAS 9 software.

Customizing Table Templates
  • defining table templates
  • accessing table templates
  • creating table templates
  • understanding inheritance (self-study)
  • modifying the columns
  • customizing headers and footers
  • using macro variables
  • adding URLs (self-study)
  • creating and using custom table templates
  • computing additional columns
  • adding traffic lighting
  • creating generic columns
Customizing Style Templates with ODS
  • defining style templates
  • identifying style elements
  • defining style attributes
  • understanding inheritance
  • modifying an existing style template
  • using a parent template
  • creating a custom style template
Using ODS DOCUMENT and the DOCUMENT Procedure
  • introduction to ODS DOCUMENT
  • creating an ODS document
  • using the Documents Window
  • using the DOCUMENT procedure
Using Options and ODS ESCAPECHAR
  • ODS options that apply to multiple destinations
  • ODS options that apply to specific destinations
  • global options that apply to ODS destinations
  • ODS statements and procedure options(self-study)
  • additional examples of ODS ESCAPECHAR (self-study)
  • using destination specific syntax
  • using hex characters (self-study)

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