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JMP Software: Beginner Scripting Workshop

This course focuses on using the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) to automate routine procedures, extend or create new procedures, and customize reports. The course is an introduction to JSL. It gives students the basic tools for extending JMP functionality to their own business or research questions.

Learn how to use basic scripts.

Who should attend
Anyone familiar with JMP who wants an introduction to the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) and an opportunity to script simple tasks

Formats available


Before attending this course, it is recommended you complete the JMP Software: Data Exploration course or have equivalent experience. No computer programming experience is required.

Although this course highlights the features in JMP 9, the majority of the content is relevant to customers without access to the latest release.

Scripting Concepts

  • introducing scripting
  • introducing object-oriented approach
  • reviewing how to generate scripts interactively
JSL Building Blocks
  • understanding operators, numbers, and names
  • understanding lists and expressions
  • understanding comments, commas, parentheses, quoted strings, and matrices
  • introducing a visual JSL style to make reading, interpreting, and understanding JSL easy
  • using the For function
  • using the If functions
Data Table Scripts
  • creating new tables and columns
  • changing or adding column properties
Platform Scripts
  • understanding platform layers (analysis and report)
  • reporting display tree structure

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