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SAS Mentoring Services

Hire a SAS instructor for on-the-job coaching and fast results

Interested in informal on-the-job coaching and consultation for you or your group? Add mentoring after a public or on-site class and more quickly apply your new skills to your job. Or, schedule it as a stand-alone event for a small group. It's up to you.


  • Get even quicker results from your class.
  • Practice on your own data.
  • Gain insight into your data and code.
  • Get answers to your unique questions as they arise.
  • Become more comfortable with new skills.

Types of Service:

Our experts will work with you to develop a mentoring solution that's structured around your unique needs.
  • Add mentoring to an on-site training or schedule as a standalone event.
  • Schedule 1-2 days or a multi-day session coaching event.
  • Bring the instructor to you or connect via phone or Web conference.


Mentoring service fees vary depending on the level of instruction needed. Travel costs for SAS staff are additional.

Basic pricing structure:

Programming content: $2,000/day  |  5 EPTO/day  |  7.7 APTO/day
JMP/Statistics/Analytics/BI content: $2,750/day  |  6.8 EPTO/day  |  10.6 APTO/day

For SAS Training Points pricing, please contact your SAS Education account representative.
Mentoring is strictly designed to be an informal learning event. It is not designed to take the place of a SAS class, and formal training material will not be provided.

For more information:

To book your mentoring event or get a quote, contact a SAS Education account representative at 800-727-0025 or