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Mike Thurber

Mike Thurber

Professional experience:
Mike Thurber, Senior Data Miner at Elder Research Inc., is an analysis professional who listens carefully to his clients' business objectives and challenges and has a passion for extracting relevant and valuable insights from available data. Examples of Mike's successes include gleaning insights on how complex consumer choices impact sales, predicting profitability of prospective customers, showing how call center interactions affect customer retention, and forecasting recovery of losses due to default. Mike earned a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University and a Master's degree in Statistics from Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to joining ERI he developed engineering modeling software, consulted on Business Intelligence applications, advised on many data warehousing projects, and served in several analytic roles in manufacturing and finance. He is an expert data analyst, comfortable with diverse data sources in diverse industries.

Courses I teach include

Data Mining: Principles and Best Practices

What students are saying:

A very clear and precise instructor. All the questions were answered at the right complexity level.
Mike is definitely a great instructor! I really enjoyed the classes!
Really liked the real life examples and elaborated explanations.

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