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Jeffrey R. Thompson

Jeffrey R. Thompson

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Current City: Durham, NC

BS, Mathematics; Stetson University
MS, Statistical Computing; University of Central Florida
PhD, Statistics; University of Florida

Languages spoken: English and a little Spanish

Using SAS since 1993    Teaching SAS since 2003

Using JMP since 2003    Teaching JMP since 2004

Professional experience:
Professor in the department of statistics at North Carolina State University from 2003-2010. Left at rank of Associate Professor to join SAS.

Courses I teach include

Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner
Strategies and Concepts for Data Scientists and Business Analysts
SAS Enterprise Miner High-Performance Data Mining Nodes
Advanced Predictive Modeling Using SAS Enterprise Miner

Authored/coauthored works:

Multiple publications in various journals
Teacher's edition to David Moore's The Basic Practice of Statistics (4th Ed)

Notable achievements:

North Carolina State University Outstanding Teacher Award (2010)

Invited speaker at conferences

Research Talks: Ludwig-Maximilians-University (2006)
Research Talks: Technical University Graz

What students are saying:

Excellent instructor. Very engaged, extremely knowledgeable. He was willing to involve himself in every discussion, answer every question, and generally made sure that everything went smoothly and with a high degree of interest and interaction. His passion of the subject and for SAS is obvious and infectious.
Jeff was outstanding and he made a very complicated topic easy to understand. Jeff tailored his approach to the needs of the group.
This has been by far the best training I have taken from SAS and I really appreciate Jeff's humor, energy, and ability to explain complex ideas in an engaging and understandable way. I was especially impressed with his ability to explain neural nets--best I've heard.

What is your favorite training course and why?
I love to teach Applied Analytics using Enterprise Miner. This is the gateway class into the awesome world of Enterprise Miner. It helps students accomplish nearly any analytical task and puts the power of data mining at their finger tips.

What is your favorite place or dream vacation destination?
The location of my dream vacation is irrelevant. I am a family man, first and foremost! ANYWHERE I can go with my family and spend time with them is my dream destination.

Are you passionate about a particular sports team?
Being born in Pittsburgh, it goes without saying, I love the black and gold. I was born a Steelers fan, I love the Penguins, and I am still holding out for the Pirates to return to the way they played in their glory days!

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