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Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro

Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro

Hometown: Niteroi, Rio de Janerio

PhD; Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
MS; Universidade Federal Fluminense
BA; Universidade Federal Flumimense

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

Using SAS since 2004    Teaching SAS since 2014

Professional experience:
Dr. Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro is a Principal Analytical Training Consultant at SAS and a visiting professor at Data ScienceTech Institute, France, K.U. Leuven, Belgium and FGV, Brazil. He has worked in analytics since 1996, first for a Brazilian shipping company, now called CSAV, and then for some of the largest telecommunications providers in Brazil, such as Embratel, Brasil Telecom and Oi. He also worked as a Data Scientist for EMC2 and Teradata. Dr. Pinheiro has examined business problems in database marketing, data warehousing, data mining, pattern recognition, predictive modeling, social networks analysis and human mobility behavior across a wide range of departments, including IT, marketing, CRM, sales, revenue assurance and finance. Dr. Pinheiro holds a PhD in engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His postdoctoral research terms are in optimization (IMPA, Brazil), social network analysis (Dublin City University, Ireland), human mobility (Universite de Savoie, France), human mobility and dynamic social networks (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium) and urban mobility and multi-modal traffic (Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Brazil).

Courses I teach include

Social Network Analysis for Business Applications
Analytical Approaches to Solving Problems in Communications and Media

LinkedIn profile:

Authored/coauthored works:

Heuristics in Analytics: What Influences Our Analytical World
Social Network Analysis in Telecommunications
Social Network Analysis Combined to Neural Network to Predict Churn in Mobile Carriers
Social Network Analysis Evaluating the Customers Influence Factor Over Business Events in Telco
Mixing Scores from Artificial Neural Network and Social Network Analysis to Improve Customer Loyalty

Invited speaker at conferences

Analytics 2014-Las Vegas (2014)
Analytics 2014-Frankfurt (2014)
Analytics 2013-Orlando (2013)
Analytics 2012-Cologne (2012)
Analytics 2011-Las Vegas (2011)

Recommended resources:
SAS conference papers: Revealing Human Mobility and Predicting Number of Trips Based on Mobile Data Records; Community Detection to Identify Fraud Events in Telecommunications Networks; Highlighting Unusual Behavior in Insurance Based on Social Network Analysis

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