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Christophe Mues

Christophe Mues

Professional experience:
Dr. Christophe Mues is a professor at the School of Management of the University of Southampton (UK). One of his key research interests is in the business intelligence domain, where he has investigated the use of decision table and diagram techniques in a variety of problem contexts, most notably business rule modeling and validation. Two other key research areas are knowledge discovery and data mining, with a strong interest in applying data mining techniques to financial risk management and, in particular, credit scoring. He has cooperated with public services, companies, and financial institutions in each of these areas, and his findings have been published in various journals and presented at international conferences. He has taught training courses on Credit Scoring for Basel II in several European and Asian countries, all in collaboration with SAS.

Courses I teach include

Advanced Analytics in a Big Data World
Credit Risk Modeling
Fraud Detection Using Descriptive, Predictive, and Social Network Analytics
Analytics: Putting It All to Work

What students are saying:

Christophe was a fantastic instructor! He explained the Big Data analytical concepts clearly and completely. He made the complex very simple to understand. I would highly recommend him as an instructor.
The instructor was outstanding. I have attended more than 10 SAS classes during the last 10 -15 years and also a semester-long Data Mining class at MIT, and Christophe Mues is by far the most impressive instructor I have seen. His ability to explain complex concepts intuitively and clearly is exceptional. He was very focused on giving relevant examples and making sure we understand the material.
The Instructor has such a robust understanding of the material I felt as though every question asked in class was answered well. The instructor was never caught off guard by difficult questions.

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