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John McCall

John McCall

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Current City: Atlanta, GA

BS, Mathematics; Shaw University
Computer Science Courses (no degree); NC State University

Using SAS since 1982    Teaching SAS since 1992

Professional experience:
Director Education

Courses I teach include

SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies
SAS Report Writing 1: Essentials
SAS Macro Language 2: Advanced Techniques

Authored/coauthored works:

SAS Report Writing
Customized Training

Notable achievements:

Training Award
YMCA Girls Basketball Coach
ICP Million Dollar Awards - Society of Suport Software Sellers

Invited speaker at conferences

Rocky Mountain Users Group (1991)
Atlanta Users Group (2005)

What students are saying:

Very patient.
Thoroughly explains concepts.
Very personable.

What is your favorite training course and why?
SAS Programming 2 because it provides an opportunity for students to take a big leap in comprehending SAS programming concepts.

What is the best part about teaching?
Watching the light bulb come on for students.

Do you have any hobbies, favorite activities, or hidden talents?

What is your most memorable moment of teaching a SAS (or JMP) class?
During my first course in Cary, some students could tell I was new, and they were very encouraging.

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