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Carrie Mariner

Hometown: Napersville, IL

Current City: Cartersville, VA

BA, Psychology; Pomona College, Los Angeles
MA, Developmental Psychology; University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Languages spoken: English

Using SAS since 1995    Teaching SAS since 2003

Professional experience:
After graduate school, Carrie did research on children and families at Child Trends in Washington, DC, from 1995 to 1998. She then moved to Richmond, VA, and switched to a straight SAS Programmer position at Capital One. Not long after, she transitioned to a role supporting SAS company-wide and remained in that role until 2003. Then she joined SAS and became an Instructor, working out of central Virginia, but traveling as far as Atlanta, Boston, and Detroit.

Courses I teach include

SAS Programming 1: Essentials
SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

Invited speaker at conferences

SAS Users Group International (2004)

Recommended resources:
Books: For any beginner to intermediate SAS user, The Little SAS Book: A Primer, by Delwiche and Slaughter. For anyone interested in exploring macro, SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, by Michele Burlew

What students are saying:

I am a former teacher, and Carrie gets an A+. It is very clear that she knows her topic and enjoys teaching it.
Excellent. Knowledgeable. Punctual. She does a great job of keeping the course on pace with excellent demonstrations. Time management in a class this size with content this difficult is impressive to witness first hand.
Instructor was AMAZING. Extremely smart and professional, she knew the answers to difficult questions and if she didn't know the answer she would research it and have an answer the next day. I really appreciated her positive attitude.

What is your favorite training course and why?
I like both classes I teach equally well. Programming One is interesting because I get to meet such a wide variety of people from so many different backgrounds who are just starting in SAS. Programming Two is also great, because I see people who have struggled in their work, trying to get SAS to do what they want, and I am able to help them push past those barriers. I get to watch them expand their skills and flourish in their positions.

What is the best part about teaching?
I most enjoy the combination of sharing knowledge with a broad spectrum of students and getting to help them solve their real-world problems. As an instructor I do not have my own data problems to struggle with at work, so I offer to work with students on theirs. It is great to be able to speed students along on solving those problems!

Do you have any hobbies, favorite activities, or hidden talents?
The closest thing I have to a hobby is my family. My husband and I homeschool our seven children, which is a full-time job in itself! It is a blessing and a privilege to teach them. We are also just getting started with dairy goats, which is great fun. Goats are surprisingly funny and good to have around.

If you could share a meal with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I would definitely choose Jesus, both in the dead and alive categories. Who else could answer any question I could think of?

What is your favorite movie, book, artist, or musician?
I love anything written by Timothy Keller, especially The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness.

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