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Don Henderson

Don Henderson

Hometown: Washington, DC

Current City: Olney, MD

BS; University of Maryland
MS; University of Maryland

Using SAS since 1975    Teaching SAS since 1981

Professional experience:
Don Henderson is the Owner and Principal of Henderson Consulting Services, a SAS Affiliate Partner. Don has used SAS software since 1975, designing and developing business applications with a focus on data warehouse, business intelligence, and analytic applications. Don was one of the primary architects in the initial development and release of SAS/IntrNet software in 1996, and he was one of the original developers for the SAS/IntrNet Application Dispatcher.

Courses I teach include

SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials
SAS SQL 1: Essentials

Authored/coauthored works:

SAS Press Book - SAS Server Pages: Generating Dynamic Content
SAS Press Book - Building Web Applications with SAS/IntrNet: A Guide to the Application Dispatcher

Recommended resources:
SAS conference papers:

What students are saying:

This was a topic I was interested in but which intimidated me. Don presented it in a way that was interesting, engaging, clear, and built upon itself. His mental exercises of thinking how SAS would process the code (Play Word Scanner) made things much easier to conceptualize and troubleshoot. I really appreciate his sharing his knowledge with us.
In addition to clearly covering the material in detail, Don provided several real-world examples to highlight key points. Each question was addressed thoroughly and Don often used illustrations to clarify points. He also surfaced conventions, guidelines, conventions and best practices that proved helpful to the students.
Very knowledgeable, willing to help me with the most counter-intuitive exercises and made sure I understood before moving on.

What is your favorite place or dream vacation destination?
Too many to list. But I guess it would have to be the UK now as that is where my two grand-children live now.

What is your favorite movie, book, artist, or musician?
Rolling Stones

Are you passionate about a particular sports team?
Washington Nationals

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