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Brian Gayle

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current City: Cary, NC

Bachelor of Science - Pharmacy; University of Illinois
Masters - Computer & Information Science; University of Florida

Languages spoken: English

Using SAS since 1982    Teaching SAS since 2006

Professional experience:
A Chicago native, Brian started upon a diverse number of career paths first studying for, and practicing as, a Registered Pharmacist. Moving to Florida, Brian went back to school earning his Masters in Computer and Information Science developing a career as a Computer Programmer / Analyst / Database Administrator / Manager / Director for a large Florida Health System in its Information Technology department. He remained in Florida working at the Health System for 20+ years before coming to SAS in May of 2006. From that point up to today, he has been applying his years of SAS academic and health industry experience toward teaching others SAS programming concepts, while trying to provide some helpful and practical hints along the way. Brian is a SAS V9 Certified professional and currently teaches the core programming courses, from Intro to Macro and SQL, DS2, and the Introduction for using SAS with Hadoop.

Courses I teach include

SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies
SAS Macro Language 2: Advanced Techniques
SAS SQL 1: Essentials
DS2 Programming: Essentials
Introduction to SAS and Hadoop

What students are saying:

I have taken several classes here at SAS and this is one of the best ones I have ever taken. Brian clearly explained all the concepts of the course and made difficult concepts easy to understand. I'm looking forward to applying these concepts at work.
Great content and kept our attention with meaningful commentary and examples as well as prompting questions from the trainees. Likeable and knowledgeable. Made the class fun and informative not some dry drawn out monotone trainer. Great job. SAS always has strong performances by instructors - Brian Gayle stands out ahead of a strong field.
I've been a SAS programmer for 23 years. I was a little nervous that I wasn't going to learn anything, but that was not true. I learned a lot that I didn't know that will help me in my job. That's what I was hoping to accomplish from this class. Excellent instructor. Went at a great pace. Easy to understand. Was very helpful when needed and answered all questions asked. Knew his stuff.

What is your favorite training course and why?
I enjoy teaching SAS programming at all levels. It is equally rewarding to help someone just starting out with SAS to understand its potential value, as well as someone who has used SAS for some time and is excited to apply a concept learned anew.

What is the best part about teaching?
SAS's programming flexibility and powerful built in features, makes it easy to demonstrate to students how it can help them more readily accomplish their own organizational tasks and goals.

Do you have any hobbies, favorite activities, or hidden talents?
Keeping a balance so there is time to enjoy life is important to me. Spending time with family and friends, and playing some tennis are some of my favorite activities.

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