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Marje Fecht

Marje Fecht

BS, Mathematics; UNC-Greensboro
MS, Statistics; UNC-Greensboro

Languages spoken: English and SAS

Using SAS since 1979    Teaching SAS since 1979

Professional experience:
More than 35 years SAS usage for reporting, analytics, applications development, and business intelligence; Over 35 years of experience teaching Corporate Clients and University students; 20 years management experience; Business knowledge and experience including Banking, Insurance, Education (Corporate and Academic), Pharmaceutical, Retail; More than 15 years of experience in Marketing and Campaign Reporting and Analytics and over 15 years of experience with Credit Card data, processes, and marketing.

Courses I teach include

SAS Programming 1: Essentials

LinkedIn profile:

Invited speaker at conferences

Conference Chair, SAS Global Forum (2014)
Conference Co-Chair, SESUG
SUGI and SAS Global Forum invited speakers

Recommended resources:
SAS conference papers: See my presenter's page at: Marje Fecht Papers and Presentations or - google Marje Fecht SAS
Other resources: Favorite EG Tricks; Marje Fecht 30 Years

What students are saying:

Fantastic presenter! Very knowledgeable.
Very helpful and informative- liked providing us with personal style/preferences with using the software.
LOVED HER!!! Great presenter that didn't talk over the heads of beginners. It would be great to hear more from her.

What is the best part about teaching?
As I share knowledge with others in the classroom and at conferences, I gain so much business knowledge! Seeing how the students use the software in their jobs helps me better understand their business environment. And, the questions that are asked help me understand business challenges and SAS-based solutions to those challenges. Teaching is a great way to gain insight into many different industries and business applications.

Do you have any hobbies, favorite activities, or hidden talents?
Quite simply, I am a WATER person. I love boating (power and sail), the beach, paddle boarding, kayaking, diving, etc. Except for my university years, I have always lived a short walk from the water (Brigantine NJ, Chicago IL, Mississauga Ontario, Cape Coral FL). And the majority of my vacations involve the water.

What are your favorite Web sites?, I love their daily tips and discussions;, for documentation, examples, creative applications, tips and tricks; Google, to find the answers to obscure sas questions; sasdummy Blog:

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