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Susan Farmer

Susan Farmer

BA in Statistics; University of Missouri

Using SAS since 1986    Teaching SAS since 1989

Professional experience:
I began using SAS at the University of Missouri in 1986. I have been teaching since 1989 at SAS.

Courses I teach include

SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials
SAS Programming 1: Essentials
SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques
SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies
SAS Programming Introduction: Basic Concepts

What students are saying:

Great instructor, this is the second time that I've had her and I love being taught by Susan.
Very patient and engaging and completely made me feel at ease.
Susan's presentation seems very polished and professional. Good inflection and keeps things moving.

What is your favorite training course and why?
SAS Programming 3 is my favorite training course. There are so many great DATA step tricks and techniques!

What is your favorite place or dream vacation destination?
Coronado Island is the best place to visit!

What are your favorite Web sites?
I like for all of the weather stats and forecasting

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