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Bruce Dawless

Bruce Dawless

Hometown: West Haven, CT

Current City: Amston, CT

MBA; University of Connecticut
BA; University of Connecticut

Using SAS since 1984    Teaching SAS since 2005

Professional experience:
Before joining SAS, Bruce worked in the insurance industry (Aetna & Travelers) for 12 years as a business analyst then MIS developer within various Finance/Actuarial departments. He joined SAS in 1998 as a system engineer (SE) and eventually assumed an SE management role in the insurance vertical. Bruce moved to the SAS education department in 2005 as technical trainer and currently has additional responsibilities managing training centers and staff in the Northeast.

Courses I teach include

SAS Programming 1: Essentials
SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques
SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies
SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials
SAS SQL 1: Essentials

What students are saying:

Bruce is very knowledgeable (practical and technical understanding of the product is wide and deep), an excellent communicator, and an outstanding facilitator. This combination of traits is rare.
I have taken several Base SAS Programming courses and while the other instructors do a good job with content, Bruce goes out of his way to not only explain the materials and answer the questions well, he is the only instructor that has attempted to do on the fly examples and is willing to even test some scenarios. This indicates to me his broad understanding but also willingness to step outside of the specific course outline and get the heart of the matter. Thank you Bruce!!
Bruce was fantastic. Very knowledgeable in answering all questions, even on breaks. His delivery is clear and he injects the right amount of humor to keep people interested and engaged.

What is your favorite training course and why?
SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials. Many of the customers who take this class have to support really complex legacy SAS code. This class gives them a fighting chance to do just that. You can see the 'oh, that's what that's about' expressions on their faces.

What is the best part about teaching?
Those times when you get a class that's really 'dialed in' with the training and enjoying their experience. Funny moments are appreciated and they really energize the class. Customers leave these classes feeling more confident in their skills and share their positive experience with peers.

What is your favorite place or dream vacation destination?
I hope to one day take an extended vacation (over 5 weeks) and drive/RV around the U.S. visiting national parks, historic sites, etc.

What is your most memorable moment of teaching a SAS (or JMP) class?
I had this one class where the students were all highly interactive and just plain fun. I was able to share an absolutely dreadful pun (the best ones generally cause pain) regarding which states have the most other states touching their boundary. Of course it must be Missouri because everyone knows that 'Missouri loves company'. Well, they loved it and the next day one student shared that he had tried it on a group at dinner the night before and it bombed. Folks were falling out of their seats laughing. This was just one of many great interactions with that class...

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