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Peter Christie

Peter Christie

Current City: Raleigh, NC

BA; McMaster University
MBA; UNC Chapel Hill

Using SAS since 1997    Teaching SAS since 2007

Using JMP since 2004

Professional experience:
Peter's work experience encompasses Consulting, Managing, and Teaching. Some of his areas of interest include data mining, predictive modeling, mentoring customers, and managing risk. Prior to SAS, Peter worked in the retail, banking, entertainment, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Courses I teach include

Strategies and Concepts for Data Scientists and Business Analysts
Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner
Managing SAS Analytical Models Using SAS Model Manager Version 12.3

What students are saying:

Peter was an excellent instructor; the clarity of the material presented was very helpful and he was wonderful at addressing participant's questions.
Peter provided excellent in depth explanations of the modeling methodologies and statistical concepts as well as good guidance in how to use the product to maximum advantage.
Outstanding instructor, very knowledgeable and able to convey information in an easy-to-understand way. Very engaging.

What is your favorite training course and why?
Right now my favorite course to teach would have to be SAS Enterprise Miner. The students at this level have real-life business problems they need to deal with, and are often experts in their particular industry. It is so rewarding to see their lights go on when they realize how to apply the stuff we cover in class. I learn a lot from our amazing students!

Do you have any hobbies, favorite activities, or hidden talents?
I play the piano and guitar. Our 10 piece Jazz band just released a new CD.

What is your favorite place or dream vacation destination?
I have never been to Hawaii, and look forward to going there with my Wife this year. One of my sons happens to be getting married there and we will be attending his wedding.

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