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Cristián Bravo

Cristián Bravo

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

Current City: Southampton, United Kingdom

PhD, Engineering Systems; Universidad de Chile
Master in Operations Management; Universidad de Chile
Industrial Engineer; Universidad de Chile

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Using SAS since 2013    Teaching SAS since 2016

Professional experience:
Cristian Bravo is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Business Analytics at The University of Southampton Business School, United Kingdom. He has previously served as Assistant Professor at Universidad de Talca, Chile; Research Fellow at KU Leuven, Belgium; Research Director of the Finance Center, Universidad de Chile; and Head of Business Intelligence at a large financial services company in Chile. He has been published in several Data Mining and Operations Research journals, and has edited two special issues in well-established journals in Business Analytics. His research interests cover Credit Risk, specially applied to micro, small, and medium enterprises, and the development and application of data mining models in this area.

Courses I teach include

Credit Risk Modeling
Analytics: Putting It All to Work

LinkedIn profile:

Twitter account:

Authored/coauthored works:

Improving credit scoring by differentiating defaulter behaviour, JORS, 2015.
APATE: A novel approach for automated credit card transaction fraud detection using network-based extensions, DECSUP
How Much Effort Should Be Spent to Detect Fraudulent Applications When Engaged in Classifier-Based Lending?, IDA
Fieller Stability Measure: a novel model-dependent backtesting approach, JORS, 2015.
Granting and Managing Loans for Micro-Entrepreneurs: New Developments and Practical Experiences. EJOR

What students are saying:

Great lecturer, it is clear he handles credit risk both from a theoretical and practical standpoint. 100 percent applicable in day to day operations. The lecturer shows great experience.
Excellent lecturer, strengthens the student's trust in themselves by stimulating participation, and emphasizing improvement opportunities to tackle problems more effectively. Not only explains the topics correctly, but constantly supports other topics and areas of application.
Excellent lecturer. Maintains a great balance between theoretical topics and applied case studies. I thank him for the focus on approaching multiple real problems using the topics dealt with in the course. Excellent motivator, he encourages participation and discussion in classes, starting by the simple fact of knowing the name of his students.

What is your favorite training course and why?
Given that my research topic is Credit Risk, then the obvious answer is Credit Risk Modelling using SAS. SAS provides a great tool that simplifies and speeds up the time-to-market of credit risk modelling models, so teaching professionals of the theory and the best practices of building these scorecards and models is really satisfying.

What is the best part about teaching?
SAS has put a lot of work, and very knowledgeable people, in the development of modules that are at the same time simple to use and powerful in what they deliver. These strengths give the lecturer the opportunity to focus on the important parts of deploying solutions: understanding the problem, extracting the largest amount of knowledge from the data, and creating effective business processes that use the results that are obtained.

Do you have any hobbies, favorite activities, or hidden talents?
Travelling the world and getting in contact with people in multiple countries and of different cultures is my greatest hobby. I am also a huge geek, so following all the latest and greatest in the tech world and in scientific development outside my areas of expertise takes a lot of my free time.

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