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Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey

BS, Chemistry; SUNY at Fredonia
MS, Chemistry; University of Rochester
PhD, Chemistry; University of Rochester

Languages spoken: English, German (a long time ago)

Using SAS since 1982

Using JMP since 1992    Teaching JMP since 1998

Professional experience:
Research chemist at Eastman Kodak (Ektachem business), Research chemist and six sigma leader at Abbott Laboratories (Diagnostics Division)

Courses I teach include

JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments
JMP Software: Modern Screening Designs
JMP Software: Stability Analysis

What students are saying:

Mark took the extra time and effort to work one-on-one with me, assuring that I felt comfortable utilizing the software to reap its full benefit.
Mark is enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable, particularly about DOE and scripting.
Mark is well-organized, witty and enthusiastic, and more than willing to answer questions.

What is your favorite training course and why?
My favorite JMP training course is Custom Design of Experiments because obtaining and analyzing empirical evidence is the best way to learn and control anything.

What is the best part about teaching?
Most of my classes are private or on-site with a company so I meet myriad professionals with fascinating responsibilities and problems. To quote John Tukey, The best part of being a statistician is that I get to play in everyone's backyard.

If you could share a meal with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I would like to share a meal with Stu Hunter. He is always amusing, entertaining, insightful, and most of all, compelling. He also behaves himself and usually does not eat off of other people's plates.

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