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e-Learning System Requirements

While these are the system requirements for your course, they may differ for other e-courses.

Technical requirements

Windows 7, 8, or 10 with Internet Explorer 9 or later; latest version of Firefox; latest version of Chrome
Mac OS with Chrome 35 or later
High-speed internet connection
Adobe Flash Player 9 or later (on some browsers)
Javascript and pop-up windows enabled
Screen resolution set to 1024x768 or higher
iOS 7, 8 or 9
SAS Software

To complete the practices (some courses do not have practices), you must have access to SAS software on the same machine where you are viewing the training. SAS software is not included with the training.

For Help
E-mail with questions.

Access to SAS Servers

Your quiz scores and progress through the course are saved on SAS servers. This tracking data is for your own personal use and is not used for any other purpose, in accordance with the SAS Privacy Statement. Data saved on SAS servers enables tracking to persist across devices.
If you are unable to connect to the SAS servers, the course defaults to using your computer's local storage. The data in local storage only exists on the computer that you are using to take the training. Therefore, to maintain tracking, you must take the entire course on the same computer.

What students can expect

You receive e-mail instructions and an activation code immediately after registering for a course.
Courses present material in an audio-visual format interspersed with step-by-step demonstrations and interactive features, such as questions, quizzes, and case studies.
Courses can include guided practices that enable you to practice your new skills in your own SAS environment.
Courses can include the following features: lesson summaries, a printable text version of the course, and a full-text search facility.
Upon successful completion of the course, you can print a personalized Certificate of Completion.