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Academic Discounts

Eligibility and Guidelines for all Academic Discounts

This discount applies to educators, students (part time or full time), and staff directly employed by or enrolled in a K-12 or degree-granting academic institution or school district. Proof of affiliation is required (e.g. valid identification card, a letter from Human Resources on institution letterhead, or a copy of your transcript from the current semester). To receive this discount, payment or purchase order is required upon registration. No other discount may apply.

To take advantage of the Academic Discount

  • Use Promo Code A50 at time of purchase and provide payment.
  • Provide proof of affiliation (see requirements above).
  • Purchase your training product online, by phone (800-727-0025), or by sending in a registration form (.pdf).
  • E-mail or FAX (919-677-4444; Attention: SAS Education) proof of your academic status. Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, and the course for which you've registered.
  • Your payment information will be held until proof of academic status is received, and your registration confirmation will not reflect the discount until then.
  • The full course fee will be charged if academic proof is not received before class begins.

50% off SAS Training Courses

Save 50% off the standard, full-price, published fees for classroom and Live Web classroom training courses held at a US location and e-Learning purchased from the US Web site. Use Promo Code A50 at time of purchase.

50% off SAS Certification Exams

SAS Global Certification exams are available at a 50% discount off the standard, full-price, published fees for those in the field of academia. View guidelines for this offer.

50% off Training for Academic Groups (SAS Training Points)

SAS Training Points allow your academic institution or school district to purchase training in bulk at a 50% discount.

20% off SAS Books

SAS Press books, Certification Prep Guides, Course Notes, and SAS Documentation are available at a 20% discount off the full price through the SAS Bookstore for those in the field of academia in the US and Canada. To receive the discount code that you can apply to your book purchase, please send an email to Please provide an education domain (i.e., edu,, email address as proof of your academic status.