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Defining Colors using Hex Values

With the Gray-Scale and RGB Color Naming Schemes


In Version 6, SAS/Graph includes predefined names for 290 different colors. Additional predefined color names became available for over 100 colors for SAS/Graph output in Version 9. These are the HTML color names listed in the SAS Registry. Together the list of predefined colors give you over 400 colors to choose from. See the "Predefined Colornames" section of this document for the names of the available pre-defined colors.

In any of these releases of the SAS system, you can also define your own colors in SAS/Graph using one of the color-naming schemes. The color-naming schemes are documented in the "SAS/Graph Software Reference" section of the OnlineDoc, under "SAS/Graph Colors". This document focuses on two of those schemes, gray-scale and RGB.

Using the gray-scale color-naming system, it is possible to define 256 different shades of gray ranging from pure black to pure white. With the RGB color-naming system, it is possible to define over 16 million colors. Both color-naming schemes in SAS use hexadecimal notation to define the colors.

Understanding Hex Values

In everyday life we typically use numbers from the base 10 system, where values range from 0 to 9 before an additional digit is needed. In a hexadecimal numbering system, each digit can represent 16 values, typically represented as 0 through 9 and then A through F, as shown in the following table.

Base 10

Base 16 (Hexadecimal)

































In the base 10 system, a two-digit number can represent 100 values ranging from 0 through 99. In the base 16 system, a two digit number can represent 256 values, ranging from 00 through FF. A six-digit number in the base 10 system represents 106 (10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10) values, or 1,000,000 numbers. A six-digit number in the hexadecimal system represents 166 (16 x 16 x 16 x 16 x 16 x 16) values, or 16,777,215 numbers.

Methods for manipulating numbers, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication, work the same in both systems; it is the representation of the value that is different. For example, each of these equations represents the same values:

Base 10

Base 16

9 + 1 = 10

9 + 1 = A

8 + 8 = 16

8 + 8 = 10

3 x 85 = 255

3 x 55 = FF

When using the hexadecimal system to define you own colors, the exact value for the color is not as significant as the relationship of the digits in the value to each other, and the relationship of the value of this color to other colors.

The Gray-Scale Color-Naming Scheme

The gray-scale color naming scheme uses a two digit hex value to define up to 256 shades of gray. In SAS, the root word GRAY is used to distinguish this naming system from the other color-naming systems. For example, GRAY00 is black, GRAYFF is white, and GRAY88 is a medium gray.

The following chart displays all 256 Gray-scale colors.

Gray-Scale Colors

To define the Gray-scale colors using this chart, build the names as follows:


For example, the last square on the bottom right represents the value GRAY0F, a very dark gray. The square on the top of the left vertical axis represents the value GRAYF0, a very light gray.

The RGB Color-Naming System

The RGB color system is commonly used in both web graphics and web documents. This system is was designed to define colors as the human eye perceives them, as light. The three foundation or primary colors of this system are red, green, and blue.

The color system is additive: varying values for red, green, and blue can be combined to form the other colors. Because the system is based upon the properties of light, an absence of all color is black and full saturation in all colors is white. Each secondary color is the sum of two primary colors:

  • Red + Blue = Purple
  • Red + Green = Yellow
  • Green + Blue = Cyan

The SAS RGB color-naming scheme is similar to the standard HTML color-naming scheme. Both use a six-digit hexadecimal value to represent the amount of red, green, and blue that define the color. The first pair of digits represents the amount of red in the color; the second pair of digits is for blue, and the third is for green. In SAS, the color names must also be preceded by the letters "CX" to distinguish this color-naming system from other SAS color-naming systems. The general form of the names in SAS is as follows:


This system allows for the creation of over 16 million different colors. All 256 grayscale colors are included in this color system.

Listing the RGB Colors

Because the RGB system defines over 16 million colors, it would take many pages to display them all. It is also difficult to distinguish colors that have very similar values.

A good reference for a broad range of colors are the 216 colors commonly used on the web. These 216 colors form what is known as the "web-safe" or "non-dithering" color palette. They were traditionally used to prevent color-mapping or dithering of images when the majority of computer displays only supported 256 colors. Although most displays today are capable of representing millions of colors, this palette still remains popular.

The only digits used in web-safe colors are 0, 3, 6, 9, C, and F. As you can see in the chart, the convention is for the values of red, green, and blue to use the same value for both digits.

The 216-Websafe Colors

By varying the amounts of red, green, and blue in a given value, you can begin to define your own colors. Remember that the names must be preceded by the letters "CX" in order to identify the value as an RGB color in SAS.

Converting Color Values from Other Software Programs

Many software programs that allow you to edit their own colors can display the RGB values for that color. In these programs the RGB colors are usually represented as three base-10 values ranging from 0 to 255. For example, the following screen-shots show the RGB values for a particular shade of blue as displayed by two different software programs:

To match RGB colors in your SAS output to RGB colors from another software program, you can translate the decimal values to hexadecimal representation using a SAS program. For example, the following program converts the color blue above from the base 10 representation to hexadecimal values that can be used to represent the RGB color in SAS.

	data _null_;
/* Input values */
/* Convert to hex */
/* Create as a SAS RGB color */
/* Write the new value to the Log */
 put sasrgb;

For this shade of blue, the SAS RGB color is CX2A1FAA.

Predefined Colornames

In SAS 6, 290 different colors were available by their predefined names, such as RED, ORANGE, and VIGB ("vivid greenish blue"). In SAS 8.2, 140 predefined colors were added that could be used with non-graphical output. In Version 9.0, you can specify these HTML colors for SAS/Graph output. These colors, such as BlanchedAlmond and SeaShell, are listed in the SAS Registry under the key "COLORNAMES\HTML". The RGB values for the colors are displayed next to each name.

The following table shows the SAS/Graph color names and the HTML color names. The presence of a Description indicates the color is one of the SAS/Graph colors. RGB and HLS colors are shown for both types of colors. The color should be referenced by its name, RGB, or HLS value. Names do not contain spaces, so they do not need to be specified in quotes. Colors listed by both schemes, such as BLACK and YELLOW, are represented only once in the table.

Name RGB Value HLS Value Sample Description
BLACK CX000000 H0000000 Black
Navy CX000080 H00040FF  
DarkBlue CX00008B H00046FF  
MediumBlue CX0000CD H00067FF  
BLUE CX0000FF H00080FF Blue
DarkGreen CX006400 H0EF32FF  
Green CX008000 H0EF40FF  
Teal CX008080 H12C40FF  
DarkCyan CX008B8B H12C46FF  
DeepSkyBlue CX00BFFF H13980FF  
DarkTurquoise CX00CED1 H12C69FF  
MediumSpringGreen CX00FA9A H1157DFF  
GREEN CX00FF00 H0F080FF Green
SpringGreen CX00FF7F H10D80FF  
BRBL CX010101 H0980101 Brownish black
VIB CX090766 H00136DF Vivid blue
VDEYG CX0A260E H0F81894 Very deep yellowish green
DEB CX100F26 H0011B6D Deep blue
VIG CX118044 H10C48C3 Vivid green
VDAGB CX121519 H14E162D Very dark greenish blue
VDAG CX121915 H10C162D Very dark green
VDABG CX121919 H12A162D Very dark bluish green
VIGB CX13478C H14E4FC3 Vivid greenish blue
VIBG CX138C89 H12A4FC3 Vivid bluish green
DEGB CX142233 H14E246D Deep greenish blue
DEG CX143322 H10C246D Deep green
DEBG CX143332 H12A246D Deep bluish green
DAPB CX151219 H017162D Dark purplish blue
DEOLG CX15260D H0DD1980 Deep olive green
DAV CX161219 H022162D Dark violet
DAOL CX161911 H0CB1533 Dark olive
VIYG CX16A629 H0F85EC3 Vivid yellowish green
VDEP CX170819 H034117F Very deep purple
BLB CX171719 H001180D Blackish blue
BLG CX171918 H10C180D Blackish green
VDAYG CX172118 H0F81C2D Very dark yellowish green
DEPB CX180F26 H0171B6D Deep purplish blue
VDAP CX181219 H034162D Very dark purple
DEYG CX185920 H0F83994 Deep yellowish green
VDERP CX190817 H046117F Very deep reddish purple
VDER CX190A0D H06D126D Very deep red
VDEPR CX190A12 H058126D Very deep purplish red


Name RGB Value HLS Value Sample Description
VDAR CX191213 H06D162D Very dark red
VDAPR CX191216 H058162D Very dark purplish red
VDARP CX191218 H046162D Very dark reddish purple
DARBR CX191614 H08C171C Dark reddish brown
DABR CX191714 H098171C Dark brown
BLR CX191717 H06D180D Blackish red
BLP CX191719 H034180D Blackish purple
RBK CX191919 H06D1904 Reddish black
MidnightBlue CX191970 H00045A2  
DEV CX1B0D26 H0221980 Deep violet
DAB CX1B1B26 H001212D Dark blue
DodgerBlue CX1E90FF H1498FFF  
DAOLG CX1F261C H0DD2127 Dark olive green
STB CX201F73 H0014994 Strong blue
LightSeaGreen CX20B2AA H12969B2  
ForestGreen CX228B22 H0EF579B  
DERBR CX26150D H08C1980 Deep reddish brown
DEBR CX261C0F H0981B6D Deep brown
DAYBR CX26251F H0AA221C Dark yellowish brown
DAOLBR CX26261C H0B52127 Dark olive brown
STOLG CX264C14 H0DD3094 Strong olive green
DAGB CX2A3440 H14E3533 Dark greenish blue
VIPB CX2B0766 H01736DF Vivid purplish blue
DABG CX2D403F H12A362D Dark bluish green
DAGROLG CX2E332C H0DD3012 Dark grayish olive green
STGB CX2E4C73 H14E506D Strong greenish blue
STG CX2E734E H10C506D Strong green
STBG CX2E7371 H12A506D Strong bluish green
SeaGreen CX2E8B57 H10A5D81  
DarkSlateGray CX2F4F4F H12C3F41  
DAGROL CX30332C H0CB3012 Dark grayish olive
BIB CX3230B2 H0017194 Brilliant blue
LimeGreen CX32CD32 H0EF809B  
VIR CX33070F H06D1DC3 Vivid red
DEYBR CX332E14 H0AA246D Deep yellowish brown
DAGRRBR CX332E2C H08C3012 Dark grayish reddish brown
DAGRBR CX33322E H0A5300D Dark grayish brown
DAG CX364C40 H10C412D Dark green
DAGRB CX373740 H0013B12 Dark grayish blue
STYG CX388C43 H0F8626D STYG Strong yellowish green
DAYG CX3B593F H0F84A33 Dark yellowish green
STV CX3C1859 H0223994 Strong violet
DELG CX3C6629 H0DD476D Deep yellow green
MediumSeaGreen CX3CB371 H10A787F  
DEP CX3E1745 H0342E80 Deep purple
MOB CX3E3D73 H001584E Moderate blue
STPB CX3F1F73 H0174994 Strong purplish blue


Name RGB Value HLS Value Sample Description
MOPB CX3F3059 H017444E Moderate purplish blue
DAR CX40262B H06D3340 Dark red
DAGRYBR CX403E37 H0AA3B12 Dark grayish yellowish brown
Turquoise CX40E0D0 H12690B8  
RoyalBlue CX4169E1 H15A91BA  
DAP CX423045 H0343B2D Dark purple
DAGRP CX443C45 H0344012 Dark grayish purple
VILG CX44A616 H0DD5EC3 Vivid yellow green
DEPR CX45122E H0582C94 Deep purplish red
DERP CX45173E H0462E80 Deep reddish purple
DAPR CX452938 H0583740 Dark purplish red
DARP CX453042 H0463B2D Dark reddish purple
DAGRR CX453C3D H06D4012 Dark grayish red
DAGRG CX454C48 H10C490D Dark grayish green
MOOLG CX45593B H0DD4A33 Moderate olive green
SteelBlue CX4682B4 H1467D71  
MOV CX473059 H022444E Moderate violet
MOOL CX47592A H0CB415D Moderate olive
DarkSlateBlue CX483D8B H0076464  
MediumTurquoise CX48D1CC H12A8D99  
GRPB CX4A4159 H0174D27 Grayish purplish blue
Indigo CX4B0082 H02341FF  
VIPR CX4C052C H05829DF Vivid purplish red
DER CX4C1923 H06D3380 Deep red
STRBR CX4C2714 H08C3094 Strong reddish brown
MOGB CX4C5D73 H14E6033 Moderate greenish blue
MOG CX4C735E H10C6033 Moderate green
MOBG CX4C7372 H12A6033 Moderate bluish green
BIGB CX4D7EBF H14E8679 Brilliant greenish blue
BIG CX4DBF81 H10C8679 Brilliant green
BIBG CX4DBFBC H12A8679 Brilliant bluish green
GRV CX4F4159 H0224D27 Grayish violet
BIYG CX52CC62 H0F88F8B Brilliant yellowish green
VIV CX53098C H0224BDF Vivid violet
DABGR CX535359 H0015609 Dark bluish gray
GROL CX54594A H0CB5217 Grayish olive
DarkOliveGreen CX556B2F H0C94D64  
OLGR CX575953 H0CB5609 Olive gray
DAPGR CX585359 H0345609 Dark purplish gray
VIRP CX59064C H04630DF Vivid reddish purple
STBR CX593B18 H0983994 Strong brown
MORBR CX59453B H08C4A33 Moderate reddish brown
MOBR CX594E41 H0984D27 Moderate brown
GRRBR CX594F4A H08C5217 Grayish reddish brown
DARGR CX595354 H06D5609 Dark reddish gray
GRBR CX59564D H0A55312 Grayish brown
BRGR CX595753 H0985609 Brownish gray


Name RGB Value HLS Value Sample Description
MOOLBR CX595936 H0B54740 Moderate olive brown
DAGGR CX595959 H0F85900 Dark greenish gray
LIB CX5A58A6 H0017F4E Light blue
STLG CX5B993D H0DD6B6D Strong yellow green
GRB CX5C5C73 H001671C Grayish blue
MOYG CX5D8C64 H0F87533 Moderate yellowish green
CadetBlue CX5F9EA0 H12D8041  
BIPB CX6130B2 H0177194 Brilliant purplish blue
LIOL CX628033 H0CB596D Light olive
GRG CX63736A H10C6B12 Grayish green
CornFlowerBlue CX6495ED H153A9CA  
DERO CX662F14 H08C3DAA Deep reddish orange
DARO CX663D29 H08C476D Dark reddish orange
MediumAquamarine CX66CDAA H1189A82  
STP CX671F73 H0344994 Strong purple
DimGray CX696969 H0006900  
SlateBlue CX6A5ACD H0079489  
MOP CX6B3D73 H034584E Moderate purple
OliveDrab CX6B8E23 H0C6599B  
LIPB CX6D5299 H017754E Light purplish blue
LIGB CX6E86A6 H14E8A3C Light greenish blue
LIG CX6EA688 H10C8A3C Light green
LIBG CX6EA6A4 H12A8A3C Light bluish green
VIP CX6F0980 H03444DF Vivid purple
MAROON CX700000 H07838FF Maroon
PURPLE CX703070 H03C5066 Purple
GRP CX705C73 H034671C Grayish purple
SlateGray CX708090 H14A8021  
STR CX731727 H06D45AA Strong red
STPR CX731749 H05845AA Strong purplish red
STRP CX731F65 H0464994 Strong reddish purple
MOR CX732E3A H06D506D Moderate red
MOPR CX732E53 H058506D Moderate purplish red
MORP CX733D6A H046584E Moderate reddish purple
GRPR CX734C61 H0586033 Grayish purplish red
GRR CX73545A H06D6327 Grayish red
GRRP CX73546E H0466327 Grayish reddish purple
MOYBR CX736E58 H0AA6522 Moderate yellowish brown
GRYBR CX737060 H0AA6917 Grayish yellowish brown
DEGY CX749938 H0CB6976 Deep greenish yellow
VLIB CX7674D9 H001A691 Very light blue
MOLG CX769966 H0DD7F33 Moderate yellow green
LightSlateGray CX778899 H14A8825  
BIV CX7930B2 H0227194 Brilliant violet
LIV CX7A5299 H022754E Light violet
MediumSlateBlue CX7B68EE H007ABCC  
LawnGreen CX7CFC00 H0D27EFF  


Name RGB Value HLS Value Sample Description
DAGY CX7E9952 H0CB754E Dark greenish yellow
Aquamarine CX7FFDD4 H119BEF8  
Chartreuse CX7FFF00 H0D280FF  
Maroon CX800000 H07840FF  
Purple CX800080 H03B40FF  
VIRO CX803009 H08C44DF Vivid reddish orange
DEO CX80511A H0984DAA Deep orange
BRO CX80603C H0985E5D Brownish orange
STYBR CX806A2B H0A5557F Strong yellowish brown
Olive CX808000 H0B440FF  
GRAY CX808080 H0008000 Gray
VIGY CX80BF1A H0CB6CC3 Vivid greenish yellow
LIYG CX80BF88 H0F89F55 Light yellowish green
BGR CX83838C H001880A Bluish gray
LIGROL CX838C75 H0CB8118 Light grayish olive
DEY CX839938 H0C26976 Deep yellow
PAB CX8585A6 H0019528 Pale blue
PAV CX877099 H022852A Pale violet
LIOLGR CX878C7E H0CB850F Light olive gray
SkyBlue CX87CEEB H13CB9B7  
LightSkyBlue CX87CEFA H142C1EB  
BILG CX88E55C H0DDA1BA Brilliant yellow green
DAY CX899952 H0C2754E Dark yellow
BlueViolet CX8A2BE2 H01F87C2  
PAPB CX8A7AA6 H0179033 Pale purplish blue
DarkRed CX8B0000 H07846FF  
DarkMagenta CX8B008B H03B46FF  
SaddleBrown CX8B4513 H0904FC2  
PGR CX8B838C H034880A Purplish gray
LIOLBR CX8B8C4B H0B56C4E Light olive brown
GRLG CX8B9985 H0DD8F17 Grayish yellow green
STRO CX8C411C H08C54AA Strong reddish orange
MORO CX8C5438 H08C626D Moderate reddish orange
GRRO CX8C6754 H08C7040 Grayish reddish orange
LIRBR CX8C7367 H08C7A27 Light reddish brown
LIBR CX8C7962 H098772D Light brown
LIGRRBR CX8C7D75 H08C8118 Light grayish reddish brown
RGR CX8C8385 H06D880A Reddish gray
LIGRBR CX8C887A H0A58313 Light grayish brown
LIBRGR CX8C8883 H098880A Light brownish gray
GGR CX8C8C8C H0F88C01 Greenish gray
STGY CX8DBA44 H0CB7F76 Strong greenish yellow
DAGRY CX8E996B H0C2822F Dark grayish yellow
DarkSeaGreen CX8FBC8F H0EFA641  
PAG CX90A69A H10C9B1C Pale green
VLIGB CX90B0D9 H14EB57C Very light greenish blue
VLIBG CX90D9D7 H12AB57C Very light bluish green


Name RGB Value HLS Value Sample Description
LightGreen CX90EE90 H0EFBFBC  
MediumPurple CX9370DB H012A699  
DarkViolet CX9400D3 H02B6AFF  
PaleGreen CX98FB98 H0EFCAEC  
DEPPK CX991F85 H0465CAA Deep purplish pink
DEPK CX99293D H06D6194 Deep pink
DarkOrchid CX9932CC H0297F9B  
DEYPK CX993329 H07D6194 Deep yellowish pink
DAPPK CX995278 H058754E Dark purplish pink
LIRP CX99528E H046754E Light reddish purple
DAPK CX995C67 H06D7A40 Dark pink
DAYPK CX99615C H07D7A40 Dark yellowish pink
LIGRR CX997078 H06D852A Light grayish red
LIGRPR CX997086 H058852A Light purplish red
PARP CX997092 H046852A Pale reddish purple
DEOY CX997A1F H0A55CAA Deep orange yellow
DAOY CX998547 H0A5705D Dark orange yellow
VIY CX99BF1A H0C26CC3 Vivid yellow
VLIG CX99E5BC H10CBF99 Very light green
YellowGreen CX9ACD32 H0C6809B  
LIP CX9B58A6 H0347F4E Light purple
MOGY CX9DBF66 H0CB9369 Moderate greenish yellow
VLIYG CX9EEDA8 H0F8C6B0 Very light yellowish green
BIP CXA030B2 H0347194 Brilliant purple
BROWN CXA05000 H09650FF Brown
Sienna CXA0522D H08A6790  
PAP CXA185A6 H0349528 Pale purple
VLIPB CXA37AE5 H017B0AD Very light purplish blue
STY CXA3BF46 H0C2837C Strong yellow
Brown CXA52A2A H0786898  
STO CXA66921 H09863AA Strong orange
MOO CXA67D4D H0987A5D Moderate orange
LIYBR CXA69F7A H0AA9033 Light yellowish brown
LIGRYBR CXA6A18A H0AA9822 Light grayish yellowish brown
DarkGray CXA9A9A9 H000A900  
GRGY CXA9BF86 H0CBA34F Grayish greenish yellow
MOY CXABBF66 H0C29369 Moderate yellow
VLIV CXAC74D9 H022A691 Very light violet
LightBlue CXADD8E6 H139CA88  
GreenYellow CXADFF2F H0CB97FF  
VPAB CXAEADD9 H001C35C Very pale blue
BIGY CXAEE554 H0CB9DBD Brilliant greenish yellow
PaleTurquiose CXAFEEEE H12CCFA6  
VIOLET CXB090D0 H01EB067 Violet
LightSteelBlue CXB0C4DE H14EC769  
PowerBlue CXB0E0E6 H131CB85  
LILG CXB1E599 H0DDBF99 Light yellow green


Name RGB Value HLS Value Sample Description
FireBrick CXB22222 H0786AAE  
STPPK CXB2309E H0467194 Strong purplish pink
MOPPK CXB25FA5 H046895A Moderate purplish pink
VIO CXB26306 H0985CEF Vivid orange
GRPPK CXB28FA2 H058A130 Grayish purplish pink
LIBGR CXB3B2BF H001B917 Light bluish gray
GRY CXB5BF93 H0C2A942 Grayish yellow
DarkGoldenrod CXB8860B H0A362E3  
MediumOrchid CXBA55D3 H0319497  
MOPK CXBA7C87 H06D9B4F Moderate pink
GRPK CXBA9BA1 H06DAB2F Grayish pink
MOOY CXBAA157 H0A5896B Moderate orange yellow
YGR CXBBBFAC H0C2B621 Yellowish gray
RosyBrown CXBC8F8F H078A641  
VPAG CXBCD9C5 H103CA46 Very pale green
LIPGR CXBDB2BF H034B917 Light purplish gray
DarkKhaki CXBDB76B H0B09462  
LIGY CXBDE57A H0CBB0AD Light greenish yellow
MOYPK CXBF8580 H07D9F55 Moderate yellowish pink
VIOY CXBF9106 H0A563EF Vivid orange yellow
STOY CXBF9926 H0A573AA Strong orange yellow
GRYPK CXBFA5A2 H07DB130 Grayish yellowish pink
PKGR CXBFB2B5 H06DB917 Pinkish gray
BRPK CXBFB9A6 H0A5B22A Brownish pink
LIGGR CXBFBFBF H0F8BF01 Light greenish gray
VPAPB CXC0A8E5 H017C78B Very pale purplish blue
Silver CXC0C0C0 H000C000  
BIY CXC6E55C H0C2A1BA Brilliant yellow
MediumVioletRed CXC71585 H0516ECF  
VLIP CXCB74D9 H034A691 Very light purple
VPAV CXCBA8E5 H022C78B Very pale violet
PAGY CXCBE5A1 H0CBC392 Pale greenish yellow
VIPK CXCC1B3B H06D74C3 Vivid pink
VIYPK CXCC2B1B H07D74C3 Vivid yellowish pink
STYPK CXCC5D52 H07D8F8B Strong yellowish pink
IndianRed CXCD5C5C H0789588  
Peru CXCD853F H0958696  
LIY CXCDE57A H0C2B0AD Light yellow
PALG CXD1E5C7 H0DDD660 Pale yellow green
Chocolate CXD2691E H09078C0  
Tan CXD2B48C H09AAF70  
VPAP CXD3ADD9 H034C35C Very pale purple
LightGrey CXD3D3D3 H000D300  
Thistle CXD8BFD8 H03BCC3E  
BIPPK CXD93ABF H04689AC Brilliant purplish pink
STPK CXD9576E H06D98A1 Strong pink


Name RGB Value HLS Value Sample Description
LIPPK CXD974C9 H046A691 Light purplish pink
BIO CXD9892B H09882B1 Brilliant orange
LIO CXD9A465 H0989F99 Light orange
PAY CXD9E5B0 H0C2CB83 Pale yellow
Orchid CXDA70D6 H03DA597  
Goldenrod CXDAA520 H0A37DBE  
PaleVioletRed CXDB7093 H065A699  
Crimson CXDC143C H06D78D5  
Gainsboro CXDCDCDC H000DC00  
Plum CXDDA0DD H03BBF79  
Burlywood CXDEB887 H09AB391  
BWH CXDEDDED H001E54E Bluish white
LILAC CXE06090 H062A0AC Lilac
LightCyan CXE0FFFF H12CF0FF  
LIPK CXE599A7 H06DBF99 Light pink
LIYPK CXE5A099 H07DBF99 Light yellowish pink
BIOY CXE5B82E H0A58AC8 Brilliant orange yellow
PAPPK CXE5B8D0 H058CF79 Pale purplish pink
PAPK CXE5BFC6 H06DD26D Pale pink
PAYPK CXE5C5C2 H07DD468 Pale yellowish pink
LIOY CXE5C76B H0A5A8B4 Light orange yellow
PAOY CXE5D4A1 H0A5C392 Pale orange yellow
Lavender CXE6E6FA H000F0AA  
CREAM CXE8D898 H0A8C0A2 Cream
YWH CXE8EDD5 H0C2E166 Yellowish white
DarkSalmon CXE9967A H086B2B7  
PWH CXEBDDED H034E54E Purplish white
GWH CXECEDEC H0F8ED06 Greenish white
PKWH CXEDDDE0 H06DE54E Pinkish white
Violet CXEE82EE H03BB8C2  
PaleGoldenrod CXEEE8AA H0AFCCAA  
LightCoral CXF08080 H078B8CA  
Khaki CXF0E68C H0AEBEC5  
AliceBlue CXF0F8FF H147F8FF  
Honeydew CXF0FFF0 H0EFF8FF  
SandyBrown CXF4A460 H093AADE  
Wheat CXF5DEB3 H09FD4C4  
Beige CXF5F5DC H0B4E98E  
WhiteSmoke CXF5F5F5 H000F500  
GhostWhite CXF8F8FF H000FCFF  
Salmon CXFA8072 H07DB6EE  
AntiqueWhite CXFAEBD7 H09AE9C7  
Linen CXFAF0E6 H096F0AA  
LightGoldenrodYellow CXFAFAD2 H0B4E6CC  


Name RGB Value HLS Value Sample Description
Oldlace CXFDF5E6 H09FF2DA  
RED CXFF0000 H07880FF Red
SALMON CXFF0055 H06480FF Salmon
PINK CXFF0080 H05980FF Pink
DeepPink CXFF1493 H0578AFF  
OrangeRed CXFF4500 H08780FF  
ROSE CXFF6060 H078B0FF Rose
Tomato CXFF6347 H080A3FF  
HotPink CXFF69B4 H059B4FF  
Coral CXFF7F50 H087A8FF  
ORANGE CXFF8000 H09680FF Orange
DarkOrange CXFF8C00 H09980FF  
LightSalmon CXFFA07A H088BDFF  
Orange CXFFA500 H09F80FF  
LightPink CXFFB6C1 H06FDBFF  
Gold CXFFD700 H0AB80FF  
Peachpuff CXFFDAB9 H094DCFF  
NavajoWhite CXFFDEAD H09CD6FF  
Moccasin CXFFE4B5 H09EDAFF  
Bisque CXFFE4C4 H098E2FF  
MistyRose CXFFE4E1 H07DF0FF  
BlanchedAlmond CXFFEBCD H09CE6FF  
PapayaWhip CXFFEFD5 H09DEAFF  
LavenderBlush CXFFF0F5 H064F8FF  
Seashell CXFFF5EE H090F7FF  
Cornsilk CXFFF8DC H0A9EEFF  
LemonChiffon CXFFFACD H0AEE6FF  
FloralWhite CXFFFAF0 H0A0F8FF  
LightYellow CXFFFFE0 H0B4F0FF