Electronic Mail Interface to Technical Support (EMITS)

If you want to e-mail us about an existing problem or you are unable to submit a problem through our online form, you can use the Electronic Mail Interface to Technical Support (EMITS). E-mail messages sent via this method must be in the specific formats that are described below.

Use E-mail to Contact Us About An Existing Problem

Note: The 10-digit tracking number for your problem is associated with your account information. You, therefore, do not need to specify your site, release, operating system, and so on, when sending information for an existing track.

When you send the e-mail message, EMITS adds the message to the track (as configured in the suggested format above) and notifies the consultant or analyst for that track that new information is available.

If you send an e-mail message regarding a track that has been resolved, you will be notified by e-mail that the problem you referenced is no longer active. A new tracking number will be assigned to initiate further action on your problem.

Use E-mail to Open a New Track with SAS Technical Support

Send a separate e-mail message for each distinct problem.

Name: <your name>
Phone: <your phone number>
Provide your country code and enter it in your local format.
U.S./Canadian format: +1 (919) 123-4567
European format: +49 (1234) 567890
Site: <your site number>
Need help finding your site number?
Company: <your company name>
Product: <product you are inquiring about>
Release: <release of your SAS software>
Operating System: <your operating system/platform>
For example:

UNIX: AIX, HPUX, Linux, Solaris, Tru64, and so on
Mainframe: z/OS, CMS/ESA, MVS/ESA, and so on
Mini: OpenVMS
PC: Windows/NT, Windows2000, WindowsXP, and so on
Macintosh: MacOS

You can find the name of the operating system/platform at the top of your SAS log.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation for each request submitted. The e-mail confirmation will contain a tracking number that you should use to reference your problem report.