SAS University Edition: Help Center

How do I run the SAS University Edition vApp in VirtualBox?

  1. In the left pane of VirtualBox, select the SAS University Edition vApp, and select Machine > Start.

    Note If prompted to download software updates, click Don't upgrade.

    It might take a few minutes for the virtual machine to start. When the virtual machine is ready, the screen with the SAS logo is replaced with a black console screen (called the Welcome window).

    Welcome Screen for SAS University vApp

  2. In a web browser on your local computer, enter http://localhost:10080.

    Note You can minimize the Welcome window, but do not close it until you are finished using SAS University Edition. SAS University Edition cannot run if the virtual machine is not running.

  3. When the SAS University Edition Information Center opens, click Start SAS Studio to open SAS Studio (shown in this display).

    SAS Studio