Supply Chain Optimization Demos

Interested in real Web-based optimization? View real-time Web-based optimization in the demos below.

Supply Chain Optimization Demo (SCNO):
Enables you to model, modify, design and configure your supply chain with optimal solution displayed on maps and reported in categorical forms. It solves linear and mixed-integer models optimally and produce business reports as drill-down visual reports. You can also generate, add/edit constraints, set the optimization parameters and do post-optimality analysis.
SCNO Demo screen shot
Bills of Material Demo (BOM):
Composes, displays, explores, and outputs several different types of bills of material. Explores the manufacture of each assembly or subassembly of a final product and highlights the use of any specific part or material. Identifies upcoming shortages and gauges their effects on timely order fulfillment.
BOM Demo screen shot
Enterprise-Wide Resource Management (EWRM):
Coordinates scheduling and resource allocation for a large number of multi-activity projects, works within resource limitations, and tracks resource use, resource availability, and delays due to resource shortages.
EWRM Demo screen shot
Material and Resource Scheduling (MRS):
Assists in planning for material needs and production schedules to meet delivery deadlines, produces master/process/facility schedules, tracks raw material requirements and finished goods inventory levels, and supports "what-if" planning.
MRS Demo screen shot