SAS/IntrNet 9.1: MDDB Report Viewer

The MDDB Report Viewer enables users to generate and view reports and graphs of data that are stored in a multidimensional database (MDDB) without running a SAS session.

An MDDB is a specialized data storage facility that stores summarized data for fast and easy access. Users can quickly view large amounts of data as a value at any cross-section of business dimensions. A business dimension can be any vision of the data that makes sense, such as time, geography, or product. Users create and update multidimensional databases using SAS/EIS software or PROC MDDB when SAS OLAP Server software has been licensed.

The MDDB Report Viewer enables users who do not have access to SAS software (or who do not want to invoke SAS software) to view the data in an MDDB. This capability eliminates the need to have SAS software running on all users' machines and provides access to the MDDB reports and graphs in a Web environment.